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DATACHAIN FOUNDATION is developing an entire suite of platforms dedicated to the tokenization of tangible assets. By combining AI-augmented digital twins containing digitized tangible assets’ data with NFT, the protocol developed by Datachain Foundation grants consumers access to a wide range of tokenized and fractionalized real-world assets accessible through NFT marketplaces like Opensea and Tanastok, Datachain Foundation’s native exchange dedicated to Tangible Assets Tokenization.

Passenger Wallet

Freeing Manufacturers From Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting presents a significant challenge for luxury goods manufacturers. Blockchain-secured 3D biometric representations of high-end products offer a solution by providing immutable records of authenticity. Manufacturers can verify the provenance of goods, prevent counterfeit production, and protect their brand reputation, ensuring customer trust and loyalty.

A Digital Twin For The City Of Bordeaux

Join The Future Of Assets Management

DATACHAIN FOUNDATION offers an hedge against volatility. By leveraging Datachain Foundation's secure and transparent asset tokenization solution, manufacturers can offer DCNFTs (Digital Collectible NFTs) paired to their authentified products. This presents a reliable asset class, mitigating reliance on cyclical markets capable of attracting crypto-native investors seeking stable value appreciation.

Ecosystemic Autonomous Maintenance (EAM)
Leading Transformative Innovation for a Digital future, Serving People's Needs

Our mission is to give individuals full control over their personal data, ensuring privacy and security. Through the development of innovative products like the Datawallet, we empower users to securely manage and share their information. By combining blockchain technology, with AI and tangible asset tokenization, we are bale to create a transparent and tamper-proof digital ecosystem, enabling individuals to claim their sovereignty at the dawn of the third age of the Internet.

Mixed-Reality Is Internet's Future

The future holds a transformative vision where the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds blur, ushering in an era of seamless interaction. In this mixed reality, individuals, nature, and objects will coexist in both realms simultaneously, allowing for real-time interactions and experiences. The convergence of the physical and digital dimensions will enable a new level of interconnectedness, where humans can navigate a digital landscape while maintaining a tangible presence in the physical world.

Welcome to the age of tokenized tangible assets


What Is Tokenization?

A tokenized asset is essentially an asset wrapped in a tradeable piece of code. In many respects, it is very similar to old-fashioned securitisation. A blockchain token is issued for each asset which forms a digital representation of the asset. The token may represent the asset in whole or in part – which allows for partial ownership. These tokens can then be traded on a secondary market.

Defining TTA

Tokenized tangible assets refer to real-world assets that are represented and traded as Non-Fungible Token on a blockchain. These assets can include physical properties such as real estate, precious metals, art, or commodities.

Each token represents a share or proof of ownership of the underlying asset. Tokenization provides liquidity, transparency, and accessibility to traditionally illiquid assets, enabling investors to diversify their portfolios and participate in asset ownership without the need for traditional intermediaries.

NFT + Digital Twins

The fusion of blockchain and digital twins enhances the value of NFTs, offering a powerful tool for industries to improve productivity, sustainability, and decision-making.

Decentralized Gold Reserve

A decentralized gold and silver reserve ensures transparency, security, and immutability. It will helps participants in the ecosystem to have trust in the value and reliability of the DC token.


Our ecosystemic approach enables the rise of autonomous initiative benefiting the DC Token by fostering a self-sustaining and collaborative economy. This approach encourages individuals and entities to take autonomous initiatives within the ecosystem, leading to innovation, diversity, and resilience. As participants drive their own projects and initiatives, the DC Token gains value from the increasing utility and adoption within the ecosystem.
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The Third Age of the Internet heralds a new era of digital transformation, where AI, blockchain, and decentralized technologies converge to shape a more intelligent and autonomous cyberspace. This age empowers individuals with data sovereignty, enhances cybersecurity, and fosters trust in an increasingly interconnected world.

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As a driving force in decentralized technologies, the Datachain Foundation stands at the forefront of innovation, empowering individuals with data ownership and control.

1. Purpose: We focus on the creation of a decentralized distribution networks for the society of information. We aim at reducing a critical asymmetry of the digital age by empowering individuals, as well as public and private organizations, with true data ownership.

2. Technology: Datachain Foundation utilizes blockchain technology for data management and transparency, as well as making core principle such as self sovereignty a reality.

3. Industry Focus: We are mostly focused on the industrialization and adoption of our decentralized data management infrastructure. Our BtoB and BtoG products are dedicated to IoT and predictive maintenance applications of our platform.

4. Ethos: Datachain Foundation's ethos is rooted in innovation, empowerment, transparency, and ethical data management. Our commitment is to enable a seamless and decentralized future powered by natural laws, secured data transactions, fostering trust and collaboration.

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Take advantage of the Third Age of the Internet and witness the limitless potential of the society of information quantum leap.

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- Sandris MURINS | Iconiq Lab - Franckfurt

DATACHAIN is building an open and participatory future of AI in contrast of big corporations like Google, Amazon or IBM.

- K.J Steven | Senior Advisor, Michigan, USA

If you're interested in #ArtificialIntelligence, #cryptocurrency, #IoT, #tokenization--consider joining the @DATACHAINDC Telegram channel: https://t.me/datachain. Good opportunity there. A real company with actual use cases for their $DC token.

- Andreas von Hirschhausen | Fincite - Frankfurt

“ Braincities works to ensure that private data misuse as the recent Facebook incident can never happen again. Braincities gives you back the power over your data to use as you seem fit. Be the owner of your data, support Datachain and Braincities."

- Adrian OZINBERGER | Strategic Adviser - Paris

"Till now AI algorithms and data, both have been isolated in different work frames. For the first time, leveraging the use of distributed ledger technologies, AI will be able to Integrate with data seamlessly, accelerating the expanding adoption of artificial intelligence."

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