Frequently Asked Questions

What problem are you solving or which advantage do you provide?
What is the size of the market from now to 3 years!
What motivated you to adopt your ecosystemic approach?
Can you list the Nanoverse 3 killer features that put it ahead of the competition? What are the competitive advantages that you feel most confident about?
Can you explain the meaning of land mining for the Nanoverse? And how can that benefit the user?
Most investors hold the token for the short-term without understanding the long-term value. So, how can you ensure us that holding this token is more beneficial for long term and what is your plan to increase the demand and scarcity of the token?
The Nanoverse and the rest of DATACHAIN FOUNDATION Ecosystem are able to aggregate huge amount of data about users' behaviours, sentiments, networks, preferences, beliefs. Are you already using those data? Do you plan to use them in the future to generate profits?
Can you please highlight more on the decentralization aspect using your technology. Also in the future, is it possible to quantify the level of decentralization and economic incentivization?
What kind of partnerships with different projects/platforms/protocols can we expect from $DC in the future? Could you give us some examples of how other projects can leverage $DC?