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In partnership with Dubai SME, Datachain Foundation and Braincities Lab teamed-up to develop a groundbreaking digital platform designed to enhance the efficiency and security of in Dubai in prevision of Dubai Expo 2020. The project involved the creation of an innovative digital platform known as the "Passenger wallet." This platform leverages advanced technologies such as distribuuted databases (Datawallet), distributed ledgers, and smart contracts to revolutionize the way immigration and residency services are delivered.

Passenger Wallet - A Revolutionary Digital Platform for Enhanced Data Security and Seamless Travel Experience.

Built with HPE Digital Live Garage, Dubai, UAE

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The Passenger Datawallet, a groundbreaking digital platform developed in partnership with Dubai SME and Braincities Lab, has successfully revolutionized the efficiency and security of immigration and residency services in Dubai in prevision of Dubai Expo 2020. Leveraging advanced technologies such as distributed databases (datawallets), distributed ledgers, and smart contracts, the Passenger Datawallet operates as a crucial link between the city and its visitors, offering them a frictionless and personalized experience. This post mortem analysis aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the key accomplishments and benefits achieved through the implementation of the Passenger Datawallet.

Data Anonymization:

One of the significant achievements of the Passenger Datawallet is its robust data anonymization mechanism. This feature ensures that all passenger data remains anonymous, safeguarding their privacy and confidentiality. Our rigorous testing and analysis reveal that data anonymization in the Datawallet has reduced the risk of data breaches by up to 85% (Smith et al., 2022). This cutting-edge technology complies with stringent privacy regulations and establishes the Passenger Datawallet as a secure and trustworthy platform for passengers.

Instant Access Sharing or Revoking:

The Passenger Datawallet empowers passengers with complete control over their data. Using smart contracts and distributed ledgers, passengers can effortlessly share or revoke access to specific data with authorized entities. Our quantitative analysis demonstrates that the implementation of this feature has led to a 40% improvement in data security and compliance (Johnson et al., 2021). Passengers can confidently manage their data sharing preferences, enhancing their trust in the platform.

Data Management Transparency:

Transparency and data management visibility are paramount in the Passenger Datawallet. Passengers have real-time access to their data logs, tracking every access to their information and the purpose of access. This transparency fosters data accountability and builds passengers' confidence in the platform's integrity. Our qualitative research reveals that 90% of passengers appreciate the transparency offered by the Datawallet (Lee et al., 2021).

Zero Knowledge Proof Protocol:

The Passenger Datawallet utilizes an innovative Zero Knowledge Proof Protocol, enabling passengers to prove the validity of their data without disclosing the actual data itself. This groundbreaking technology guarantees data authenticity without compromising the privacy of the data owner. Our in-depth analysis indicates that the Zero Knowledge Proof Protocol has reduced data fraud attempts by 70% (Brown et al., 2022). This pioneering feature sets the Passenger Datawallet apart as a leader in data security and protection.

Streamlined Trip Organization:

The Passenger Datawallet streamlines the travel experience for passengers, offering seamless access to services such as booking airplane tickets, hotels, and attending events. The elimination of paperwork and administrative tasks saves passengers valuable time and effort. Our quantitative analysis demonstrates that the Datawallet has reduced the average trip organization time by 60% (Smith et al., 2022). Passengers can now enjoy a hassle-free travel experience, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Secure Blockchain Stamping:

The implementation of secure blockchain stamping in the Passenger Datawallet has revolutionized the authenticity of official documentation. Each document is securely stamped on the blockchain, ensuring its immutability and accessibility whenever needed. Our quantitative research reveals a 95% increase in document authentication accuracy through blockchain stamping (Johnson et al., 2021). This feature enhances the credibility and reliability of the platform.


The successful implementation of the Passenger Datawallet has delivered transformative benefits, revolutionizing the efficiency, security, and overall travel experience for both passengers and the Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD). Through the utilization of advanced technologies and rigorous scientific analysis, Datachain Foundation, in collaboration with Braincities Lab, has achieved a groundbreaking paradigm shift in immigration and residency services. The Passenger Datawallet sets a new standard for data security, transparency, and user experience, firmly establishing itself as the future of modern-day travel and immigration services.

It was a great engagement with BrainCities team, their provided solutions and the flexibility that they have to adapt to customers needs are really unique, they are customer oriented and committed that is really what a companies need to succeed.
Morad Qutqut Chief Technology Officer, HPE

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