Rolexclusive: Revolutionizing the Luxury Industry with Web3.0 Marketplace

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Rolexclusive, a Web3.0 marketplace, uses DATACHAIN FOUNDATION's technology to authenticate luxury timepieces and empower brands with enhanced control over the secondary market, transforming the future of luxury commerce.

Rolexclusive pioneers a Web3.0 marketplace, powered by cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing luxury timepiece authentication and empowering brands with control over the secondary market.

Rolexclusive stands at the forefront of the luxury industry's digital transformation, offering a state-of-the-art Web3.0 marketplace powered by DATACHAIN FOUNDATION's cutting-edge technology. With a focus on authenticating luxury timepieces, preventing counterfeiting, and empowering brands with greater control over the secondary market, Rolexclusive reshapes the future of luxury commerce. Embrace the revolution and be part of the Rolexclusive community, where transparency, security, and innovation converge to create a unique and unforgettable luxury experience.

Rolexclusive is a visionary project developed in partnership with DATACHAIN FOUNDATION and a triving Facebook community of 80,000 members. As a Web3.0 marketplace, Rolexclusive aims to create an innovative protocol for luxury goods and valuable tangible assets tokenization, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, crypto exchange, and digital certificates. This groundbreaking platform caters to all Rolex enthusiasts, offering a seamless and secure marketplace to buy, sell, and authenticate luxury timepieces.

  1. Empowering Market Leading Brands:

DATACHAIN FOUNDATION co-owns the Rolexclusive platform, the intellectual property, and the brand. As a Proof of Value project, Rolexclusive targets renowned luxury brands like Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Cartier, aiming to tackle counterfeiting issues and empower brands to have greater control over the secondary market.

  1. Cutting-Edge Marketplace and Services:

DATACHAIN FOUNDATION has developed the Rolexclusive marketplace, along with multivendor services, enabling users to build their businesses on the platform. Vendors subscribe to the platform using the Datachain Foundation's native token, $DC, gaining access to a plethora of services.

The platform supports two vendor profiles:

  • Professional: Fully incorporated and audited businesses listed on the platform can publish, promote, and sell their products. They can directly cash in their earnings through various payment mechanisms, including bank accounts, crypto wallets, and POS, all integrated within Rolexclusive.
  • Personal: Individuals can use the platform to sell their assets. Personal members submit their products, and a moderator authenticates and validates them through photo, video, and chat verification.
  1. The Power of Datawallet:

Datawallet plays a vital role in the Rolexclusive ecosystem by storing digital proofs of ownership and interconnecting tokenized tangible assets with service providers. These services include maintenance, insurance, notaries for inheritance management, luxury marketplace access, auction platforms, and more.

  1. Datawallet+ Services:

To access Datawallet+ services, such as maintenance, insurance, notaries for inheritance management, luxury marketplace, and auction platforms, users need to purchase and allocate a monthly amount of $DC for their subscriptions.

DATACHAIN FOUNDATION is building the Web3.0 standard for the luxury industry. This strategic alliance ensures seamless integration of blockchain technology, crypto exchange, and digital certificates, creating a secure and trustworthy marketplace for luxury enthusiasts worldwide.

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